Super lucky, Nghe An female student dialed number plate number 8 for Honda scooter

A female student in Thanh Chuong was lucky enough to get a super nice 5 quarter 8 license plate number. Notably, this person did the check-in and dialed the number at random.

Police of Thanh Dong commune, Thanh Chuong district, Nghe An province said that a citizen residing in this commune was lucky enough to randomly click on the license plate number 37E1-888.88. This information quickly spread and determined that the person who pressed this super beautiful license plate was just a 21-year-old girl studying at the Academy of Finance, Hanoi.

The super beautiful license plate above now belongs to Honda’s scooter model called the black Vision. This incident made people admire the girl’s luck. Some people took photos and posted them on social networks and praised this girl, at the same time asking for “thanks” when they got a super beautiful license plate.


According to Feng Shui, number 8 is a lucky and prosperous number, often bringing money and luck. For numbers players and license plate collectors, the number sequence of four quarters 8 or five quarters 8 is considered extremely beautiful, second only to four quarters 9 or five quarters 9.

In the past, cars with license plates numbering four quarters 8 or five quarters 8 often had a very high resale value, sometimes 2 to 3 times that of the car. Especially license plates in cities and mounted on classic cars often have a higher value.

However, at this time, license plates have been identified, so beautiful numbers will often help the car owner stand out more and it is almost impossible to resell or transfer the name to someone else due to new regulations on issuance and management. managed by the registrant’s identifier.

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