Remember these tips to increase visibility while driving

To increase visibility while driving and ensure safety when participating in traffic, people can apply some of the tips below.

Regularly check mirrors: Continuously check your mirrors to capture information about your surroundings. By following the above principles, you will have better visibility while driving and reduce the risk of traffic accidents. Always watch for traffic from the front, rear and sides. Look further ahead to predict traffic situations.

Check the mirrors and adjust the seat properly: Make sure the center rearview mirror and both side rearview mirrors are adjusted to the correct driver’s viewing angle for optimal visibility. At the same time, adjust the driver’s seat so that you are comfortable and have a clear view.

Maintain a safe distance: Keep a safe distance from surrounding vehicles, especially in front and behind.

Use lighting properly: Turn on your lights in the evening and in bad weather to increase your ability to see and be seen.

Actively observe blind spots: Know the vehicle’s blind spots and actively observe them by turning your head, using mirrors or assistive devices.

Follow traffic signs and don’t use your phone: Pay special attention to signs, traffic lights and traffic controllers’ signs. Turn off or put your phone in safe driving mode to avoid your attention being distracted by the phone.

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