Red Bull Racing F1 driver cannot rent a Mercedes-AMG GT self-driving car

Even though he won the F1 race 3 times, this racer was refused by the car rental service to let him self-drive the Mercedes-AMG GT sports car for unexpected reasons.

At the present time, driver Max Verstappen is considered one of the top F1 athletes in the world, having won the F1 championship three times. However, during his recent vacation in Portugal, this F1 racer was unable to rent a self-driving sports car because the conditions were quite miserable.


Specifically, Max Verstappen and his family and friends rented a plane to the Algarve, then rented 20 cars through the Sixt service for both daily use and to experience the Algarve International Circuit that was rented by this F1 racer. This playground alone for 2 days.

But when he came to receive the car, this famous F1 racer could not accept the car, because according to the policy he did not meet the conditions to rent a Mercedes-AMG GT sports car because he was only 26 years old, while the tenant regulations This vehicle must be over 30 years old.


Max Verstappen was somewhat surprised by the above policy, but still complied with the car rental service’s regulations and switched to a BMW 5-Series, while the Mercedes-AMG GT will be driven by his manager.

Max Emilian Verstappen is a Dutch-Belgian Formula One racing driver. Verstappen has been participating in Formula 1 since 2015 and racing for Red Bull Racing since 2016. In 2021 and 2022, he was Formula 1 champion. And in 2023, Verstappen continues to race for Red Bull with as defending champion.


In Vietnam, Mercedes-Benz is a luxury brand chosen by many people, but it is somewhat confusing that the GT series is less popular with players. According to unverified information, there are currently only a few cars. Genuine GT R is rolled out along with a number of privately imported cars with an average selling price from 8 to more than 11 billion VND.

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