Not just sitting in a car is safe

Although cars provide greater safety than two-wheeled vehicles, in many cases some seat positions in the car can lead to danger for passengers.

In cars, whether four-seat, seven-seat, or even passenger cars or buses, there are still a few positions that are considered unsafe in the event of a strong collision or a higher level of sudden accident. compared to normal. These positions are sometimes somewhat familiar to many people.

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Co-driver’s seat: this is considered the favorite position of many people when traveling with the car owner and is also the position with the highest frequency of use. However, it is less safe in case of a strong collision from the front or from the left side and there is a risk of being thrown out if the seat belt is not worn.

Middle rear seat: This is considered an uncomfortable seat and is somewhat cramped for cars in the urban segment. In the Vietnamese market, users often try to take advantage of this position to carry more people, rarely wear seat belts, and when a collision occurs, the person sitting in this seat is at risk of being pushed forward or hit by flying objects. enter.

Sitting where the airbag is broken or absent: low-cost cars or standard versions rarely have a full airbag system around the car. Therefore, in the event of a collision, the occupant may not be fully protected and may be at risk of injury.

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Sitting in a seat without a headrest: although a headrest is considered to help support the neck during long journeys. However, few people know that in many different collisions, headrests play an important role in protecting the head and neck and reducing the risk of injury.

Sitting near the window: in most positions next to the window, especially large cars, if a seat belt is not used to secure it, in many cases a strong collision or vehicle rollover will occur, depending on the force. inertia can cause people sitting next to the window to fly out.

In addition, when sitting on public transportation such as a bus, if you sit near a window or door, in the event of a collision or overturn, broken glass pieces can also cause injury to passengers or can be thrown. go out without wearing a seat belt.

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Positions not intended for transporting people: with the mentality of convenience and short distances, many car owners often let their companions sit in the luggage compartment or back of the pickup truck. These positions are not designed to carry people and if a collision occurs, you will definitely be seriously injured because there is no safety equipment to protect you.

For vans, mini buses, and 16-seat cars, the first row of seats is quite dangerous due to the large size of the windshield. Therefore, when a collision occurs and the driver’s glass breaks, the passenger can be injured and more dangerously ejected if they do not wear a seat belt.

Currently, car manufacturers have proactively invented both active and passive safety equipment, even self-driving features when the driver shows signs of abnormality, while also reducing costs for vehicles. Safety features on to be more popular.

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However, safety still depends on the awareness of traffic participants rather than safety technologies. In the world, there are many cars that are considered the safest but still encounter unexpected incidents. So don’t rely too much on these safety technologies.

In fact, the safest position to sit in a car is still an endless debate on social networking community groups. Therefore, to ensure your own safety, you need to proactively wear a seat belt even when traveling at slow speeds.

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