New BMW 3 Series owners can remotely open and lock their car doors right in Vietnam

BMW in Vietnam has just officially introduced the ConnectedDrive smart connection system, supporting the connection between users and vehicles through the My BMW application installed on smartphones.

This is the most advanced digital connection technology developed by the BMW Group, the My BMW application helps optimize all the advantages of the ConnectedDrive connection system. Through this application, users can manage vehicle information, update software, check status or control the vehicle remotely. The first car line equipped with ConnectedDrive connectivity in Vietnam is the new BMW 3 Series.

BMW 3-Series Motorcycle

Specifically, the BMW 330i M Sport version is equipped with ConnectedDrive smart connectivity, supplemented with new digital features such as Online Navigation. BMW Maps has the ability to understand user habits and predict and suggest the most convenient journey. In addition, this feature also allows online search for favorite places on the map (Online Search), users can proactively create personal routes according to daily travel preferences.

Additionally, with ConnectedDrive, users can view updated weather information, open maps, activate applications, look up information,… in addition to being able to control basic systems on the vehicle. . The ConnectedDrive system also allows users to update software remotely (Remote Software Upgrade).

BMW 3-Series Motorcycle

The interface of the My BMW application was launched in Vietnam with 4 main tabs, including: Vehicle, Map, Services & Store and Profile. Each card will have its own interface designed to optimize features, with an intuitive and scientific interface that will help users easily get acquainted and use.

  • The Vehicle tab includes information and functions related to vehicle status such as technical specifications, allowing users to remotely control the vehicle such as opening and locking car doors, flashing lights, turning on the car’s fan, etc. issue car horns, install vehicle maintenance and repair services….
  • Map tab: displays map information such as travel plans, itinerary information, can easily search for fuel stations, rest stops, and vehicle maintenance places displayed right on the phone screen. In addition, you can search for a location on your phone in advance and send navigation information to the car through the “Send to my BMW” feature. From there, navigation data is automatically displayed on the vehicle, saving operation time.
  • Services & Store tab: provides information about maintenance and repair schedules and proactive appointment scheduling. Through the Services & Store tab, users can also learn and explore new BMW models.
  • Profile tab: allows access to their personal profile, users can make settings to personalize the information and display of the application to best suit them. Another standout feature of the My BMW app is the digital key (BMW Digital Key), which allows users to use their smartphone or smartwatch as their master key. Owners can share the Digital Key for friends and relatives to use, up to 5 people.

BMW 3-Series Motorcycle

The ConnectedDrive system launched in Vietnam is a new development step for BMW in its strategy of reaching customers through advanced digital technologies. With the initial step being the new BMW 330i M Sport ConnectedDrive model, it is expected that in the future, the ConnectedDrive system will be equipped on many BMW vehicle models in Vietnam.

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