“Exclusive product” Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR WSBK version only has 10 units worldwide

Compared to the regular version, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR WSBK in Germany is 2,700 Euro more expensive, reaching 33,145 Euro (equivalent to 864 million VND).

Inspired by the racing cars at the WSBK tournament, Kawasaki’s German branch has just launched a special version of the Ninja ZX-10RR superbike, called Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR WSBK Edition, with only 10 units. all around the world.

In addition to the stamp set corresponding to the numbers of racers Alex Lowes and Jonathan Rea, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R WSBK Edition also has a number of pre-installed accessories such as Akrapovic exhaust and smoked windshield. The production serial number of each vehicle will be on the fuel tank. Finally, customers will receive a gift set including a keychain and bottle opener, a business card case and a laser-engraved crystal paperweight with the image of ZX-10RR WSBK Edition with the vehicle’s production number.

Besides the above differences, the ZX-10RR WSBK is basically no different from the 2024 Ninja ZX-10RR version. From now on, the superbike from Japan is equipped with a new variable air intake system. called VAI (Variavle Air Intake). In fact, this technology has been used on racing models of the Kawasaki Racing Team factory racing team in the 2023 WSBK season. The SHOULDER system includes intake funnels inside the air filter box that can be adjusted in height by motor. electricity.

Besides Variable Air Intake technology, the 2024 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR has no difference from the previous version. The engine is still a 4-cylinder in-line machine with a capacity of 998 cc. Inside the engine uses Pankl’s titanium sleeve, the piston is lighter than the ZX-10R version thanks to fewer rings and a lower piston height that helps increase longevity when exposed to friction. Lighter pistons push the rpm higher, so the ZX-10RR’s camshaft and valve springs are also designed to operate at high performance.

Electronic features equipped on the 2024 Kawasaki ZX-10RR include IMU inertial measurement unit, ABS and cornering traction control, engine brake control, Ohlins electric power steering system, brake control, quick gear shift, driving modes, automatic throttle hold system and TFT screen that can connect to smartphones. In addition, the car also has Marchesini cast rims with Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tires.

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