Electrified vehicles shadow the 2024 Singapore auto show


Most companies participating at the Singapore Auto Show 2024 (SGM) will display hybrid or pure electric vehicles.

Auto shows in a country are often an indicator of user interest and the priorities of car manufacturers in that market, based on the products on display. Singapore is the 7th largest new car consumption market in Southeast Asia but ranks 3rd in terms of sales of electrified vehicles alone, according to Statista. At this country’s 2024 auto show, the electrified vehicle trend continues to be the focus.

From popular brands such as Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Toyota to luxury brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Volvo, Audi…, the display space is mostly hybrid or pure electric car models. BYD, the Chinese car company that sells the most electric cars in Singapore, rents a private hall to display its cars.

In Singapore, Toyota Prius hybrids appear on the streets in the form of taxis or personal vehicles. At SGM 2024, the company reserved the central area to display the latest generation Prius, one of the products that clearly shows the Japanese company’s recent design trend of rejuvenation and personality. Toyota also offers other hybrid models such as Harrier, Camry, Yaris Cross…

Besides Toyota, electrification is also a strategy pursued by other Japanese companies and the SGM 2024 exhibition also shows that. Honda has hybrid versions of City, HR-V, CR-V, Jazz. Suzuki has a more modest footprint but also has the S-Cross hybrid. Nissan is more special when it comes to pure electric models such as Note, Leaf, and Ariya.

Korean car manufacturers such as Kia and Hyundai have much more modest sales than their Japanese competitors in Singapore. These two brands do not compete with gasoline cars, instead mainly hybrid or pure electric products. The mid-cycle upgraded Carnival hybrid appeared at Kia’s booth for the first time in Southeast Asia. Lines such as EV9 and pure electric EV6 also appear. Hyundai has Ioniq 5, Kona… pure electric.

In the luxury car segment, Volvo and BMW are two of the companies displaying the most electrified vehicles. The Swedish car company first launched the pure electric EX30 series for the Singapore market, alongside the C40. These are two products in Volvo’s plan for the Vietnamese market in 2024.

BMW, the best-selling luxury car brand on the Lion Island, owns the most powerful booth. The pure electric i5 first launched in this market, alongside models such as iX, iX3, i4, i7. Customers coming to the BMW display area were the most crowded among the brands at the exhibition.

Compared to similar auto exhibitions in Thailand, Indonesia or Vietnam, the popularity of electrified vehicles at the event in Singapore is much greater. This country is leading in the number of charging stations in Southeast Asia and aims to stop selling internal combustion engine vehicles from 2030.

In Vietnam, the trend of electrified cars over the past 3 years has gradually become clearer, although sales of this line are still limited compared to gasoline cars. At previous exhibitions, only Toyota in the popular car segment displayed electrified vehicles. Hybrid or pure electric cars are almost an additional choice for Vietnamese users.

Electrified Vehicle Exhibition 2024 by newspaper VnExpress Held (January 13-14) is the first and rare event in Vietnam for the public to have the opportunity to enjoy and learn more about this car line. Dozens of car models from brands that are investing heavily in electrification such as VinFast, Honda, Hyundai, MG, Wuling, Nissan, Haima… converge at the ongoing exhibition in Yen So park, Hanoi. .

Thanh Nhan

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