Car windows are often fogged, not everyone knows why or how to fix this problem

The weather in many provinces and cities in Vietnam is entering the rainy and cold season… this is also the time when car users encounter some inconvenience when car windshields are often fogged due to fog.

What causes car windows to often become foggy?

The phenomenon of fogging the driver’s glass and side windows of the vehicle comes from the difference in temperature outside and in the cockpit. When driving in the rain or passing through cold weather areas with high humidity… the outside temperature is lower than the temperature in the interior compartment along with the operation of the air conditioning system, warmth radiates from the body. Sitting in the car causes condensation to appear on the glass surface. This obstructs the driver’s vision, making it difficult to control the vehicle.

How to deal with fogged car windows?

Lower the window glass

In light rainy weather, the driver can lower the car window just enough and turn on the fan to create air circulation. Thanks to that, there is an exchange between the inside and outside of the vehicle, leading to temperature balance, helping to prevent fogging of the windshield.

However, you should only lower the windows enough about 10 cm to avoid rain and dust from entering the car, affecting the interior. In addition, it should be applied when just starting out for best results.

Use a glass drying system

New car models today often have a glass drying system. This is a function that very few people know about because it is not used often and there are still almost some people who do not know their car is equipped with it. this feature.

With higher-end cars, there will be heated rearview mirrors. Normally, the glass heating control button is designed to be placed in the center of the vehicle’s dashboard, right next to the air conditioning system and is illustrated relatively well. clear, distinct, very easy to recognize, the driver just needs to press the button and it’s done.

Use air conditioning system

For low-cost or non-heating cars, users can use the air conditioning system to prevent windshield fogging, which is considered quite effective by many drivers, truck drivers, and car drivers. Customers apply.

Specifically, the driver needs to turn on the air conditioner at a high wind level and choose the direction of the wind blowing on the windshield. Doing so for a few tens of seconds will see the windshield no longer fog up and completely dry. At this point, you just need to adjust the wind direction to blow towards the cabin, not towards the windshield. Note that you need to choose the internal wind mode to avoid bringing in water vapor from the outside, causing the car glass to fog up more.

Use outside air intake mode

One option is also quite effective when only using the fan mode to take in and out the outside air. This method has the effect of pushing this airflow to focus on blowing into the windshield, helping to balance the temperature and humidity inside and outside the car quite well. Effectively, avoids condensation of water on the glass.

But this method is only effective when the windshield has just begun to show signs of fogging, water vapor has not yet adhered to the windshield or rearview mirror, and driving in a clean environment to avoid bad odors from outside.

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