After 5 years, if you do not buy a new car to reissue the revoked identification plate, you may lose that license plate.

After 5 years from the date of carrying out the procedure to revoke the identification number plate, if you do not buy a new car to re-issue the number plate, you may lose that number plate.

Reader Thanh Phuc asked: “I had a car because I needed money so I sold that car. Because the license plate was automatically identified after August 15, when I sold the car I had to keep the license plate and go through the procedures to revoke the license plate. This license plate means so much to me that I’m afraid of losing it. Please, what should I do to avoid losing this identification number plate?

Lawyer Huynh Van Nong, Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association replied, according to Clause 7, Article 3 of Circular 24/2023/TT-BCA effective from August 15, 2023 regulating the issuance and revocation of registration and license plates. Motor vehicle, in case the vehicle expires, is damaged or the vehicle ownership is transferred, the vehicle owner’s identification number plate will be revoked and reissued by the vehicle registration agency when the vehicle owner registers another vehicle under his/her ownership. own.

The identification plate number is retained for the vehicle owner for a period of 5 years from the date of recall. After the above period, if the vehicle owner has not registered, the identification plate number will be transferred to the license plate warehouse for registration. Sign and issue to organizations and individuals according to regulations.

So within 5 years, if people sell their old car and revoke the license plate but do not buy a new car to have the license plate reissued, they may not be able to keep the revoked license plate.

In the above case, you only need to sell the car and go to the police to carry out procedures to revoke the license plate, then within 5 years you must buy a new car to carry out procedures to reissue the previously revoked identification plate. get into the new car. This way, the license plate will be kept.

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