20 biggest global risks in 2024, economic recession and extreme weather are at the top

In 2024, record increases in global temperature are forecast to continue to cause negative impacts. The cost of living crisis is making life increasingly difficult for people around the world. Meanwhile, escalating tensions in the Middle East threaten to increase conflict in the region.

Not to mention the major geopolitical risks as this year will witness elections in 60 countries around the world.

The infographic below shows the 20 biggest risks in 2024, according to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual survey of 1,490 world leaders.

Accordingly, extreme weather is considered the biggest risk and ranks second in severity over the next 2 years.

Most economies around the world are currently unprepared to cope with the consequences of extreme weather events, from shocks to food systems to damage to infrastructure. In fact, some research suggests changes are unlikely to be reversed for Earth by the 2030s if global temperatures continue to rise.

Misleading information and intentionally misleading information are seen as the second biggest risk, as they can destroy trust and deepen political divisions. This risk is likely to have a major impact on elections around the globe this year, from the US, Russia, India to Mexico and dozens of other countries. The risks associated with misleading information are even more present in the context of more content created by artificial intelligence (AI). This is the top risk in terms of severity on this year’s list.

20 biggest global risks in 2024, economic recession and extreme weather are at the top - Photo 1

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